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The Center for Children's root's are firmly planted in the orphanages of the early 20th century.  The children we care for today have much in common with the orphans that we cared for 90 years ago: the loss of loved ones and disorienting moves to living situations dominated by strangers... some good, some not so good.  However the picture has changed and now many of the children in substitute care are not truly orphans.  In many cases, they still want to renew their connections with their parents.  Many of the children and youth we serve today have suffered trauma that goes far beyond the loss of a loved-one or an abrupt change in their living situation.  These children have been beaten, sexually assaulted, neglected or abandoned... some repeatedly.  There are far too many children in these situations.  Child abuse rates are increasing, homelessness is increasing, and mental illness and addictions are increasing.  The youth and families we serve have multiple needs and their needs are great.

Against this discouraging backdrop, there is reason for hope and optimism.  There is a growing recognition of the problems at all levels and a variety of initiatives and programs which are under way to promote healthy children and families.  The Center for children plays a large role in our community with programs and services to achieve the stated mission which is to ensure every child has a safe home, a stable family and a chance to grow to a healthy productive adulthood.

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